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Let's Barbeque!
BirthDay Trailride for Jesse Hernandez April 29th. 
April showers bringing May flowers? At least it's still a little cool out. 
Gloria and I hope everyone is doing well and also want to thank you for being part of our family here at La Sita Stables.

      Let's Ride!
​Take advantage of the nice weather.
Make use of the arena while it's dry and hit 
the countryside for longer rides again while
the weathers good, not too hot.

Don't forget if you need a Ferrier, let 
others know in case we get a discount.

        (Late Fees)
2017 going forward, Late Fees 
will be strictly enforced!!!
Reminder, Rent is due between the 1st-5th
Rent after the 5th of the month must also
include a $15.00 late fee per-horse!
Rent received after the 15th will have a $25 late fee per horse!
Again, rent can be paid to Oscar or dropped in envelope in mail slot at main house. 

Rules Update:
Please make sure no horses are turned out unsupervised, and all horses are tied up, not running loose. We don't want anyone or other horses hurt! for everyone's safety.

As always, "Thank you for your fellowship and for boarding with La Sita Stables."

We have Stables For Rent!
If you know anyone looking for an affordable stable for their horse or horses, please send them our way. We have only a couple openings left but would like to welcome new riders.  Also, anyone coming in for Rodeo if they need an overnight stay for a horse or two, let them know about our Stables.

    La Sita Stables

La Sita Stables, Home of the 
Turn and Burn Cavalry!

Get your boots on! "Just Bring It!"  

Ride Baby Ride!          Come on DD!                That's my Girl!